No ordinary day

One thing I am very passionate about is giving students the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to God’s glory. Sometimes this is hard though because many students have no idea that they can do graphic design or be an accountant or do tech support for the Lord in full-time ministry.

With that in mind, our entire operations team has been working hard to rectify that situation. We have created a new media campaign and website to show students all the options available. It’s called Redefine:. It is all about redefining how people think about ministry, Campus Crusade, and what it means to have a job. Check out Redefine online here.

Today we unveiled it at Indiana University to the staff and students there. We drove an hour south and spent the day on campus. While we met with the staff team, we got to tell them about the new campaign and ask for their help to recruit potential students. While we were there, we offered our help to them through a computer hosptial and John taught them more about being effective stewards of the campus funds. It was a fruitful time all around, and it was a lot of fun for us being out of the office for the day.

Pray with us for more students to use their gifts and talents!


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