Please pray

Our office was broken into last night.  They took all of the computers and all of the flat screen monitors and rifled through all of the file drawers in our desks.  Most of the things can be replaced.  However they also took my computer–the one I do graphic design on.  I had the last six months or so worth of work on it, and all the design needs for the upcoming Christmas Conference and Life Options conference.  The worst part is that everything would be going to the printer tomorrow,  so it was all done and now it is gone.  I also lost family photographs and personal projects.

Please pray for all of us on our team as we deal with this situation.  Our office was burgled three years ago, and we have since gotten an alarm system, however it seems that it wasn’t activated last night. They came between 7 and 9 last night, which isn’t what I would think of as prime robbery hours.

Some prayer requests:

For me as I figure out how to recreate the Christmas conference program, nametags, newsletter, and advertisements, as well as the life options brochure.

We are scheduled to go to Daytona on Sunday for summer project leaders training.  We now have to decide if we are still going or if we need to stay behind to get the work done.

For Ryan, who I work with. He will be buying some of the new computers and helping me get it set up with software before I can even start designing.  He will also continue the work next week, especially if we are gone.

Please pray for all of us in the office, that our sense of security would come from the Lord.  That we (and I) can trust that he is bigger and better than this situation, the time put in to the projects before they were stolen, and that we will see how all of this is ultimately for his glory.

We will continue to post updates here, so keep checking back.  Thank you for your prayers.


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