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934 Indicate a Decision to Trust Christ

On Friday, February 2, Campus Crusade placed a full-page, color advertisement in the USA Today Super Bowl special section as part of the Beyond the Ultimate outreach.

The ad featured both head coaches and points readers to a special Web site,

Featuring articles and streaming video from players and coaches who share their stories and talk about their faith in Jesus Christ, the Web site has been a tremendous success.

Stats (as of 06.Feb)

  • Total site visits – 176,249
  • Visitors who indicated that they received Christ – 934
  • Visitors who moved on to a followup site – 510
  • Visitors who went to a special e-mail page where they could request more information – 958

How People Found the Site

  • 122,333 – typed “” into their computer
  • 24,294 – in an e-mail they received, they clicked on, which was included in the e-mail
  • 7,536 – typed in a search phrase on Google and clicked on our ads
  • 4,210 – typed in a search phrase on Google, Yahoo, etc. and clicked the link, shown in the search
  • 17,876 – were visiting other Web sites and clicked on a link to

Our site saw about 40 hits in two days from posting the link in our blog. Please pray for these people who took some time to check it out!


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