Virtual Recruiting

I began by typing a message:

“Have you heard the internship horror stories? Where all you do is make coffee and play solitaire on your computer all day. Or maybe you get to do a little of the work your schooling has prepared you for, but you certainly weren’t using your passions or gifts.

“Did you know that Crossroads Summer project could be exactly what you are looking for in a summer internship? Get ready to use your skills doing REAL projects and go deep with the Lord!”

This week I have been doing a lot of virtual recruiting.

John and I are leading the Crossroads Summer Project again in our office this summer. Last year we had 11 students join with us to create the media campaign for the Indy Christmas Conference.

Because the project is so small it is often forgotten. Not anyone’s fault there. It is just more obscure and not “on the radar” of the staff and students in our region. It is easy to recruit students when you can talk to them face to face or show the super-cool project video at the weekly meeting or in bible study.

But, I don’t get that face time with students. So I have been quickly becoming a master of virtual recruiting.

Facebook, a college networking system, has really made it all possible. You can share websites with your network, who can then share it with their network. I message potential students and challenge them to take a step of faith. I remind our staff that there is a place for the future Bill Gates, or the future Andy Warhol, or the future Steven Spielberg. And they can grow in their faith and learn how to share the gospel. And it is just six weeks this summer!

It could end up being a real Crossroads in student’s lives.


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