An excerpt from an email:

Just wanted to say THANKS  again to Bridget, Sarah, Claire, Kristin, Marcus and Erin for going to Anderson—braving the bad weather—being faithful to the Lord.  Even with things being pretty quiet on campus, the Lord provided 10 new contacts of people who would want to know more about CCC starting at Anderson. That is very cool—and hearing about Marcus’ conversation with the 2 athletes—and being able to share the Gospel with them—how amazing is that?? When Claire shared about the students she and Erin talked with about having more of a purpose or mission in life…that encourages me that even on Christian campuses there is a need. I don’t know what the Lord’s will is at Anderson, but it will be worth finding out. I liked Marcus’s thoughts that maybe going after the athletes might make up a larger percentage of the “unchurched”at Anderson. Who knows!!

The rain was coming. I watched the radar all morning. Closer and closer. The green radar changed to yellow, then orange and finally red. Thunder crashed and lighting flared later in the afternoon.

In the midst of the chubby rain dropping we drove 35 miles north to Anderson University.  I went with Sarah. Erin and Claire paired up. Marcus and Bridget went too. Kate was there to talk at the pizza party and give new people more information.  Kate was surprised how many people were going up!  We went with low expectations. But we prayed a lot and went in simply waiting for God and looking for what he was already doing.

The reason for being there was to host a pizza party to tell people about Campus Crusade and see if they were interested in launching a movement on their campus.  We know there are believers and unbelievers at Anderson. Both need the chance to hear the gospel and learn how to share it with others.  Because it is a Christian college, it can be difficult to find people who are willing to commit to another “Christian” activity. We were uncertain we would find anyone who would be interested or even show up for free pizza.

As you can tell from Kate’s email, we were all suprised at what transpired. 10 students came and were interested! Pray they will persevere and be leaders.


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