Arrival Day

The students arrived today!  We met up with them in their summer apartments, then they came to our house for bbq and get to know you time.  They are all real quiet.  It will be fun to see them as they come out of their shells during the next few days and weeks.

First impressions are really hard.  Everyone is polite and smiles and says  hello.

One of the big themes for us this summer is real Christ-like community. Moving beyond the polite, getting through the conflict and sin in our lives and loving eachother as we really are, forgiven by Christ. It is a process and is really a step of faith for so many of us.  Thankfully times like this provide a greenhouse environment for that to happen quickly and go deep–deeper than many other relationships anywhere else in our lives. Hopefully, once these students experience what that is really like they will seek it out again and again in their churches.

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