Pop Culture

I am up late tonight after a fun evening of listening to music.  Monday nights the project gets together to watch movies, tv shows and listen to music to learn more about various worldviews and how to bridge to the gospel using secular “art”. 

 Tonight led to great discussion and challenging thought…. thinking through the politics of our nation, to the hopelessness that so many non-believers feel. As a result it is easy to turn to drugs or “love” to try to satisfy the thirst musicians and non-believers feel. 

Music ranged from Pearl Jam to Snow Patrol to Bruce Springsteen to the Beattles.  We ended the night with a rousing keraoke version of Journey’s Don’t stop believin’.  HILARIOUS! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pop Culture

  1. I’m confused. It seems to have been written by John (i.e. his oft used “HILARIOUS” at the end), but then I was thrown by the emoticon…surely John doesn’t use emoticons?!?

    I know it was two months ago, but I just have to know!

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