We spent to days visiting Ohio University this week.  I have never been to that part of Ohio before–very pretty–rolling hills, lots of trees, beautiful campus too. 

We went to spend time with the staff team there.  John led a seminar about their campus finances. While it is not the most exciting topic, the team there was eager to listen and learn. John was so thrilled about how much they wanted to hear from him and he just felt so encouraged by their response to his time.

One of his desires is to see each campus using the funds they have to their best possible use–reaching students for Christ.  And while this may seem really obvious, and I do think it is everyone’s heart, the reality is that simple lack of knowledge has not made this easy or available to every campus.  And that lack of knowledge really comes from a lack of laborers to make that knowledge available to everyone.

John is already thinking about which campus he can visit next!  He went to Toledo U earlier last month.  I bet you’ll see him heading to Michigan soon enough. 🙂


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