Color pictures

I just finished off this month’s prayer letter.  In an effort to keep costs down, we printed it in black and white, which is unfortunate because the pictures in it are great in color.  But the wonders of the world wide web bring all things around, so here they are, plus a few more that I just didn’t have room to include.

peoria banner

Campus Crusade is called Cru in Peoria, Illinois.  You can tell by the banner, they have a thriving ministry with options for many different students: athletes, greeks, African-American, Asian and Latino students all have a ministry.

Agape Italia 2005

Agape Italia is Campus Crusade in Rome, Italy. I was really honored when our partnership coordinator asked me to make a banner for the ministry there. This photo is from 2005. There are around 1 million students in Rome alone.  Every year we send a team there to work and share the gospel. It has been tough soil for a long time, but slowly, year by year, more people are considering the gospel and responding to it.

In 2006, the team accidentally lost the banner on the bus. Too bad.  But I got to make new ones! This time, I made two: one for Agape Italia, and one promoting their English Club.

Agape Italia 2006

Thanks for checking out the photos!


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