John’s leg

For the past six weeks or so, John has had pain in his foot and ankle, often waking him up in the night. We thought it might be restless-leg syndrome, or possibly a pinched nerve.

Finally, after 4 weeks, John went to see our family doctor, and then a podiatrist. He had an MRI done on his right calf. The results of the MRI showed two possibilities, a ganglion cyst or possibly a tumor.Today, we met with an orthopedic oncologist (of which there are only 2 in the state of Indiana) to look at the MRI. He diagnosed it as a benign  schwannoma tumor, which is benign 99% of the time. We are thankful that there is virtually no risk of cancer. The tumor is located in the nerve sheath, the area that surrounds the nerve.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 25th, John will have surgery to remove it. (The timing of the surgery is more out of convenience, than emergency.)

Please pray! Even though you will get this after the surgery, please pray for a good operation. Pray for quick healing. Pray John will have no more health issues for a long time to come!

 We will keep you updated.


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