September 28

I think most people got our prayer letter today. Thanks for praying for us this month.

John is doing well! His leg is wrapped in cotton and an ace bandage. He is using his crutches and not experiencing much pain at all.  Compared to his nose surgery earlier this year, this has really been pretty easy. Being able to breathe, and eat and feel normal really does make all the difference.  He is spending his time resting, reading and checking out the internet, all the while keeping his leg elevated.

We are concerned about the cost of this surgery. Our insurance deductible is met, but we’ll still have to pay the 30% not covered. If you’re able to help us with these extra costs, we would be grateful. Click on giving to see all the options.

In other news, yesterday and today I had two girls from Otterbein and Muskingum Colleges (both in Ohio) come to our office for a job shadow.  Angie is a graphic designer, and Kim is an accountant. It was great to meet these two girls and hear what God is doing in their lives, especially as they consider what they will do when they graduate this year.  Angie is definitely thinking about coming on staff, maybe even coming to the office to work with me. It would be great to have another designer to team up with and there is plenty for her to do. Kim got to talk to John about the opportunities for accountants, and there are many! Finance and accounting professionals is probably one of our greatest ministry needs. She is especially interested in working overseas, which is exciting. You can pray for both of them and confirmation on where God has their next steps.


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