Update from John

Hi all,

I pray this finds you doing well! I wanted to give you an update on my surgery. To be honest, today’s visit with the doctor was hard. I went in to have my bandages removed from my calf. He explained that the pathology report came back as a different type of tumor than originally thought. This type of tumor, {name removed to prevent spam}, is actually cancerous. However, the doctor pointed out that it there is a 98% cure rate. He even went a step further to explain that he does not like calling this type of cancer a cancer since it is so treatable. He was not happy with the pathology report and is having it sent out for a second opinion. He said this type of tumor has been very hard to diagnosis.

So where doe that leave us? As it stands, he suggested radiation, or going back in and removing all tissue around where the tumor was. This would entail moving the nerve and taking some muscle tissue. Surgery has a higher success rate, so that is the option he recommended and we are going to pursue. That is, only if the second pathology report comes back positive for cancer.

So as it stands, I have another surgery date on October 17th. Prior to surgery they will do a CT scan on my chest to make sure it has not spread elsewhere.

Can you pray for us?


  1. That the second pathology report would come back benign.
  2. That if I need surgery that they will remove all of the tumor cells and that I will retain muscle function and nerve function in my calf.
  3. That the CT scan will come back negative and that the only instance of this cancer in my body will be located in my leg.
  4. Pray for Kristin, she has been my Florence Nightingale and servant who has provided for me. Pray for her work load as she tends to me.
  5. Pray for my sanity – all of you know me – I hate sitting on my bum in a recliner, but this is where the Lord has me – resting.

We know that the Lord is bigger than this and we are really not too concerned because he is the great healer. It is just a bummer it has to happen.

Thank you again friends – I appreciate all of you.


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