The results

Kristin and I want to thank you for your continued prayers.  I am up and around and doing quite well and I am actually leaving for Florida today for meetings with my fellow finance pros.

I want to give you an update on where we are in the process with the tumor in my leg.  The second pathology report cam back positive for cancer. Discouraging, yes, however this type of cancer is very treatable, so we are not too concerned at this point.  I will have surgery on October 17th to make sure that all of the tumor and cancer cells is completely removed.  On that same day I will have a CT scan on my chest to see if it has spread to other part of my body.  As it stands, the doctor believes that it probably has not spread anywhere else and that it is just in my leg.

What to pray for:
1. Surgery – going under anesthesia again and having all of the cancerous cells removed from my leg.
2. A quick and speedy recovery
3. That the CT scan would come back negative – that there would be no other evidence of this type of cancer anywhere else in my body.
4. Our rest in the Lord as he takes us through this process.   It is great to know we serve a living God who is with us in all things.

Again, the doctor said this is very treatable and there is not a real need for concern or worry, so please pray for him as well.

Thank you again for walking with us through this, we appreciate it.



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