Kristin and I want to thank you for your prayers during the surgery.  Great news!  The CT scan came back negative, so there is no other cancer in my body.  The surgery went well.  He needed to make a larger incision this time–the last one was 6 inches long.  He ended up having to snip a part of the nerve that runs to my foot, so we will see in a few weeks what mobility I may have lost.  It may eventually return over time, we will see.  As it stands I my leg is wrapped from my toes all the up to my thigh, so I cannot bend my knee and I have a brace that covers the bandage as well.  He said there was no other cancer in my leg to be found so I am ‘clean’.

Kristin and I are very grateful for you walking with during our journey here and your continued prayers have been greatly appreciated.

Take care and God bless,



One thought on “Praises!

  1. John & Kristin,

    I am very glad that all is going well so far for both of you. My thoughts and prayers have been with both of you through this ordeal. May God continue to bless you through these times and always.

    God Bless
    Aunt Barbara

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