Hi! I wanted to drop you a line about my follow-up to appointment after my surgery. Yesterday, I had more than 25 staples removed from leg, I have a cool scar now about nine inches long. As for the follow-up appointment itself, it was a little discouraging. The doctor said I needed to do two weeks of radiation later this month. He said he was able to remove all of the cancer and the radiation is to ensure that it is all gone. So basically it will be 10 days of radiation. The upside is that it is painless and I will not be radioactive, just 15 minutes of being zapped. However, he was discouraged at the mobility in my foot. I have a ‘limp’ foot now. I do not have the ability to pull upwards, thus making walking a difficulty. I can weight bear, but not really walk. He was concerned about more muscle and nerve loss that he originally anticipated. I will begin Physical Therapy this week and will do that for the coming month. Please continue to pray for the regeneration of nerve and muscle tissue.

Thank you for being on our journey with us, it means a lot to us – especially Kristin, yesterday was really hard for her. It is an emotional time for us and yesterday it took its toll. Thank you for your continued prayers as well, we are blessed to have you in our lives.



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