Radiation is over!

Hello everyone,
Merry Christmas!  I just wanted to drop a line to update you on my progress.  Today was my final radiation treatment.  Yes, 33 days of radiation have gone by pretty fast.  As it stands, the cancer is gone and I will have further tests in February as a part of a follow-up program.

This past week was the roughest. I was sick on Christmas Eve and for a few days following and my energy level was pretty low.  They said in my final week I may experience tiredness and illness, and I did.

As for physical therapy, everyone is impressed with my ability to walk and how I have a slight limp that is not really noticeable.  I am still unable to pull up my toes, but that may take some time – the nerves generate rather slowly.  I will go back to PT in February to see if there is anything we can do to stimulate movement.  As for the top of my foot, yes, many parts of it are still numb to the touch.  I pray for some sensation to eventually return.

Kristin and I want to thank all of you for your prayers, encouragement and TLC as we have walked this road this fall.  We are praying for a healthier 2008 and that all of my tests this year come back ‘clean’.

Thank you again, have a wonderful New Year!


PS. See pictures of me in radiation here, at Kristin’s new photo-a-day blog.


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