San Antonio

We made it safely to San Antonio today. We will be here for 5 days spending most of our time planning for the Crossroads Summer Project that we host every year in our office. Fellow staff member, Scott, and I will be leading 8 to 12 students in Indianapolis as they design and implement our Christmas Conference promotional materials, and have time for Bible study, mentoring, and learning to share their faith. It is a well rounded summer for students desiring to use their skills for the Lord for the summer. Our long term hope is that perhaps some of them will join with us full time or have a fulfilling ministry in the workplace when they graduate.

Tomorrow begins the first session. I have been to the training portion before, but it is always a good refresher, and a chance to learn something new. While I am doing that, John will be meeting with 15 people who are also preparing for other summer projects around the country and world. He will spend his time helping them to set a budget and to handle the spending. They will also deal with risk management and tracking of donations that students raise to attend.  It is quite a lot, but John is such a natural teacher and he really helps the staff members understand the processes. He also coaches them throughout the spring before they go, and during the summer once they arrive on project.

You can pray for us this week: wisdom in planning for myself and Scott; ability to teach well for John, as well as not being overly tired from the end of radiation. He has developed quite a radiation burn (similar to a sunburn and one of the common side effects) on his leg which irritates him because the skin is so tight.


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