20080206webblog1.jpgWe visited the oncologist today for the first of the every 3-month check-up. John had two x-rays done, front and side. The doc says everything looks good! We are very thankful for the news.

We will continue to see the doc every three months for the next two years. The 3rd year, we will see him every 4 months. The year after that we will see him every 6 months. The doctor said the appointments are arranged that way so we can catch if any other cancer is growing. The longer we go with clear scans, the better the cure rate! This fall (one year from surgery) John will also have an MRI of his leg to make sure it is looking good. They won’t be able to tell anything else sooner.

Thank you for praying for this scan. Pray for us in the future as well. Friends have told us it is trying and tiring to have to be re-checked so much and having to deal with the fear of re-occurring cancer.  Pray for us to trust the Lord no matter what the results and through the emotional ups and downs.

We are thankful for so much, most of all, a God who hears us and answers us.


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