Hope for NIU

It was quite an honor last week when I got to work on a special project for Campus Crusade at Northern Illinois.

1.jpg    The movement there is bringing in a student and a Crusade staff member from Virginia Tech to talk to the NIU students about finding hope and faith in the midst of such a tragedy. The event will take place on Thursday. To advertise, the campus team asked our media team to make a full page ad for the school newspaper, t-shirts to give away at the meeting, and a new website honoring the victims and giving students an online place to grieve.

I created the ad and t-shirt, and Ryan made the website. It was quite a feat of strength for both of us. Ryan was sick last week, and worked on the website all weekend. I worked against the newspaper deadlines and the t-shirt deadlines to get everything done in time.

Pray for the 22,000 students who attend NIU and have begun regular classes again today. Pray many will attend Thursdays special meeting. Pray for hearts to be touched by the Lord’s love, even in the midst of tragedy.


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