Cleveland students go on Spring Break

Recently, a group of 70 students from the Cleveland area traveled to Florida to attend a Campus Crusade conference called Big Break. During four weeks in March, students from around the country traveled to Panama City Beach, Florida to grow in their relationships with Christ and receive training in evangelism. Students then headed out to the beach to share about Christ’s love with droves of college students who were spending their spring break partying.

It has been exciting to hear stories of how God used this conference to change lives! Over the four weeks, nearly 2,000 students attended the conference. These students initiated 16,675 conversations with their peers and saw 1,003 people begin personal relationships with Jesus Christ. Isn’t that amazing?

Lynn, Emily and Samantha are three of those people whose lives are changed for eternity. All three are sophomores at Baldwin-Wallace College, a part of the Cleveland Metro ministry. Unlike many of the people who accepted Christ as a result of Big Break, these girls traveled to Panama City Beach to attend the conference. While learning how to share the gospel with others, they realized their need to surrender their lives to Christ.

Each girl, like everyone else, has a unique story of her spiritual journey. Lynn longed to have the passion for God that she saw in others around her. After returning from Big Break, she was able to stand up at the Campus Crusade weekly meeting and proclaim to the group, “I just want everyone here to know that I love God with all my heart!” Emily wasn’t involved with Campus Crusade before Big Break, but some friends invited her to attend. Through the conference, Emily was convicted of her need for Christ and is excited to start learning more about her Savior. Samantha had many questions about the Gospel and talked with several friends about things she didn’t understand, including why Jesus is the only way to God. By the end of the week she was ready to accept Christ and did so after the last conference session.

Now that they’re back on campus, they have been meeting with some older girls at their school. Together they are studying a set of Campus Crusade lessons designed to ground new believers in important areas of Christianity. They are also participating in a new women’s group at Baldwin-Wallace, designed to be a place where women can meet and talk about real life issues.

(In the photo, Cleveland staff and students recreate Moses and Aaron parting the Red Sea for a photo contest, which they won.)


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