Spring Break Update

For four weeks, Panama City Beach, Florida, was home thousands of spring break students from around the country. Many students come to part, hang out in bars, and enjoy the beach. MTV was there to film and broadcast the party to those that couldn’t make it.

Little did those students know that they would have an encounter with God. Campus Crusade for Christ students were also at PCB. These students spent a week at a time worshipping, praying and initiating conversations with the thousands of vacationing students partying on beaches and in bars. And lives were indeed changed!

Theresa, a sophomore at Illinois State University, described it this way:

“Big Break was a turning point in my life. Before I came, I was fearful of talking with people and initiating conversations, as well as sharing the gospel. I came to Big Break with few friends and a feeling of boredom in my life. As soon as I got there, the sense of community was so strong and friendships immediately formed. Even better, when I went out sharing on the beach, I confronted my fears and shared my faith with many people. I was surprised to discover that the emptiness I felt disappeared as I shared the gospel. God showed me that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m so glad I came to PCB because God filled me up again and gave me direction.”

By the Numbers (during 4 weeks):

Conversations Initiated: 16,675
Gospel Presentations: 7,302
People Accepting Christ: 1,003
Schools Sending Students: more than 200


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