Good news

I hope you are doing well! As the school year winds down, I wanted to give you an update on my health. Yesterday I went in for my second follow-up appointment. They took an X-ray of my chest and there is nothing there to be found. With the type of cancer I was treated for, if it were to return, it would come back in my chest, so I am doing periodic x-ray follow-ups for the next 4 years. Later this year they will do a CT Scan and MRI on my calf where the tumor was to removed to check that area out.

Kristin and I are very grateful for you and for your prayers as you have prayed for us and supported us over the past seven months. The Lord has been faithful throughout this time, and we truly appreciate you walking with us on this journey.

I do have other good news to report, the swelling in my foot and ankle is decreasing. I am regaining sensation on the top of my foot and in my ankle. Where before it was numb to the touch, I am able to feel deep compressions. Yesterday the doctor was hopeful that most of that sensation would eventually return! So that was very good news. He explained it just takes time for nerves to regenerate or to find a new synapse to run on.

Thank you for your continued prayers,


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