The new school year

The new school year for me is all about the new beginning, a fresh start, gearing up for what’s ahead. For John, it is about completion: the end of the fiscal year, and wrapping up the summer projects. It is definitely a busy time for both of us.

I am continuing to lead the media and technology team for the region. Our team is a little smaller this year, but we we are planning to expand as we add new team members both raising their initial support to fill roles in database managment (Robert) and communications coordinator (Elmar). Pray for this new team! Pray for our current team members as well: Ryan: web design, Scott: technology/tech support, and me: graphic design and team leader.

Pray for John, not only wrapping up 2007-08, but starting again with the new fiscal year. He desires to help our leadership focus on the best use of our financial resources this year. I anticipate it will be an amazing year for him in this.

You can also pray for John’s next cancer check-up, which will be this Wednesday at 11. So far everything has been clear, so pray that will continue! We will keep you posted.

By the way, our anniversary is next week. We are celebrating 8 years! Praise God! 🙂


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