Sept. 8

Prayer requests:

Both of us have been working very hard these last few weeks. Pray for us to continue to rely on the Holy Spirit rather than on our selves.

Pray for John’s nose. His allergies have made his nose more and more uncomfortable. We are even considering another surgery later this year to alleviate the discomfort. Pray for the right decision and healing for John.

Our team is beginning to work on a plan to help make all of the staff in our region (more than 350 people) more aware of the services we offer in technology, design and finance. Pray that the plans and implementation of them will come together well.

By the way, we just got a new feature on our blog. It allows us to post a permanent “sticky note” at the top of our blog. For us, it means I will now post prayer requests on the sticky. It is a great improvement because it will now post in RSS feeds or in your email (if you subscribe), visitors can leave comments, and we will end up with a record of our requests and will be able to see our God answer those as well.


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