About being Bold and Clear

I got a great note of encouragement from Mary Grace, the student I mentored this summer. We had talked throughout the summer about what it means to share our faith, especially with our friends or family who we have known for a long time. We talked about being BOLD and CLEAR with the gospel. Here is what she said:

“I really feel like I gained a lot this summer. 🙂 Things at home are going well, I’m enjoying time with my family and haven’t slipped too bad into apathy. The other day I shared the gospel with my old friend from high school, Olivia. She told me afterwards that she’d always wondered why I never talked about my faith and thought I was ashamed of it and was glad I had finally brought it up. So that was cool. 🙂 And a good story to tell to convince other people they should be sharing too, I think.

I’m getting excited about going to back to school and starting ministry up again there. I’m praying about the courage and clarity to share the gospel with my old roommate, Helen.”

Mary Grace attends school in Houston and was affected by Hurricane Ike. She is back at school now though. Pray for her. She desires to share about her faith with her roommates too.


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