October 26

The next two weeks will be quite full for John and I. We are driving to a training in Ohio, then on to visit John’s family in Cleveland. We are then home for a day, then driving up to Purdue in Lafayette for another training.

That’s a lot of trainings, you might say. And you’re right. The good thing is that we won’t have to participate (ie sit all day and listen) in the trainings. We are going simply to connect with the staff who are out on the front lines and offer our help to them. For me that means offering graphic design and cheap printing services, while the tech guys on my team clean up staff members’ computers. One team leader has already told me, “This is THE most helpful and life-giving information. Thank you!” For John, he will talk to team leaders and team administrators; answer any questions and give advice. Our hope is that what we offer will really be able to help campus teams be more effective on campus–that means sharing the gospel.

A couple of prayer requests: safe travel; good connecting with the staff–both personally and in tangible ways like fixing their computer; and continuing the normal day-to-day work that needs to go on (like meeting deadlines) but is harder to do since we are out of town so much.  Also, thanks for praying for John’s one-year check-up!


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