From John’s email inbox…

sp-wwc-ad“I am sitting here in Orlando preparing for the OPD time tomorrow freaking out that I have to speak  to 80 people for two hours tomorrow night and Monday about some interesting and boring stuff.  [note: The OPD time is a training John is leading for Operations Project Directors–those leading summer mission projects all over the world this summer.] Imagine with me will you, a room of staff, half of which will  arrive with the ‘deer in headlights’ look on their faces, and knowing that  others will have at least one moment this spring where they will want to curl up in the fetal position because of their OPD role.”

[John emailed this message to a friend regarding the training. I am sure you can relate to his nervousness especially if you have had to do such trainings yourself in your own jobs. Below is our friend Nancy’s encouraging response.]

“John…you’ll do great!  You’re the best at this stuff.  I remember when Concur [our online expense reconciling system] was rolled out.  You explained it so well as to make sure all of the information is given but SOOOOOOO mindful of your audience.  You will do a fantastic job…seriously, who better to do this!?!  What an opportunity to surprise them, ya know?  Maybe they think it will be boring and hard to grasp but you have an opportunity here to give vision for this role on staff in general and how God uses it and how it’s such a necessary part of helping to fulfill the Great Commission.  You have an opportunity to not only build vision, but to esteem and encourage and equip.  You do all of those things well…for real.  Have fun.  Be you.”

[Will you pray for John and the training he will be leading? Pray for the things Nancy said to be true and that God will work mightily in the midst of the training.

The big picture you need to understand is that every summer 80+ summer missions projects are held throughout the country and the world. They range from one to 11 weeks in length and students spend that time living in community with Campus Crusade staff members. Last year 3669 students attended such a project. Groups range from 8 students to 130 together. Whether students live on a beach, a national park or in the middle of a city, the aim of the summer is to help students interact with people on a regular basis. Last summer students on summer projects personally explained the gospel 39,443 times and 2148 people indicated decisions for Christ. Students are mentored in their faith continuously on a project and participate in Bible studies and evangelistic trainings. They sometimes get jobs on U.S. projects or focus on a specific area of society. Whatever the day-to-day looks like, everything is done with the intention of building relationships and giving students the opportunity to communicate their faith.

You can see why the training John is leading is so important. These leaders will be providing this environment for students to grow and share this summer.

The rest of this week, each day I will be highlighting a different story from last year’s summer. I think you will find it encouraging and perhaps provide a bit of warmth in the midst of the cold winter. Thanks for praying for the training and for the students who will participate in such a life-changing experience this summer.]


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