summer project stories: Germany

Berlin, Germany

berlin1“On campus [in Berlin], most of the students we talked to were atheists. Many had families from the old communist East Berlin side and this deeply shaped their views of God and the Bible. Most of the students we talked to had never met anyone who believed that Jesus was God and that He rose from the dead.” –staff members Carl & Maureen Clayton

29 staff, students and kids made up the Berlin Project. There were 500 spiritual conversations and 200 students from 17 different countries heard the gospel.

Freiburg, Germany

berlin2Meanwhile 16 students and staff ministered in Freiburg, Germany.

Michaela (a German student on the left) agreed to go through a survey with Sam (IU Junior, middle) and Holly (staff member, right). When they shared the gospel with her, Michaela eagerly expressed a desire to trust Jesus with her life. Sam and Holly met with her several more times to study the Bible and to connect her with believers in Freiburg!


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