summer project stories: Rome

rome1Though some Roman students already believe in God and that Jesus died on the cross, the message of grace and new life rather than a works-based salvation and a system of religious rules by which to earn God’s approval was completely foreign.

20 students and staff had spiritual conversations with 150 students. 3 Roman students started to follow Jesus.

rome2One of those 3 was Maria. Maria (right) is a freshman at Roma Tre Univeristy. She gave her life to Jesus the first time. Courtney (left) and Katie met her on campus! For the rest of the sumer, she hung out with the project quite a bit. Maria is now going through a foundations Bible study with a staff member in Rome. Jane Armstrong, one of the staff says, “I really believe Maria will become one of the first Christ-centered laborers in the ministry in Rome!”

rome3Rome project students Alie and Michael (left) walked toward a cafe with Allesandro (right), a Roman student. As they strolled, Alie shared her testimony with Allesandro, showing him a scar from an accident years ago, an event that led her to start following Christ. Allesandro showed Alie a scar he had from an incident in which he was nearly killed. Alie told him that she thought God had kept him alive so that he could hear the message that they were sharing with him. They explained the gospel and Allesandro prayed to receive Christ!


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