summer project stories: Acts 29

acts292“In a city of 18 million people how were we, as a handful of less than 20, supposed to function in faith and believe we were making a difference?” asks staff member, Tony Burell, far left.

“We could, only if we were walking in the Spirit, believing that the conversations we were having each day were not chance encounters, but arranged by Almighty God. One day on campus, after about 45 minutes of talking with 2 guys, I silently asked God how to bring up the gospel. Within minutes Ysuf (in the middle) asked, ‘Can you tell me what it means that Jesus is the son of God?’ We had not mentioned Jesus yet. Muslims don’t just bring this up! We explained the gospel and I continue that conversation with Ysuf on Facebook. A Korean believer had talked about the Lord with him 2 years earlier. In a country of 18 million with just a few workers, the odds of this happening are incredibly low. This was a divine appointment from the Lord.”



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