summer project stories: Zambia



This is the one of the first summer projects our region has hosted to Africa. One of the highlights was the project and Zambian national staff doing 2000 spiritual interest surveys in 1 day at Copperbelt University, an unopened campus. By the end of the one week at CU…

  • 1700 heard the gospel
  • 110 students trusted in Jesus
  • 40 students got plugged into Bible Studies
  • 11 student leaders emerged to shepherd this new ministry

“This was the most powerful week of ministry that I have seen in 7 years on staff.” –Lindsey Parrott

In just 3 weeks at the University of Zambia

  • 150 students heard the gospel,
  • 60 students received Christ
  • 50 came to follow up appointments
  • 15 new discipleship groups of 83 people were started

The Zambia project combined good words with good deeds, serving a traveling medical clinic run by an American partnering church. Project students and staff helped share the gospel with the Zambians that received free medical care. They also enjoyed playing with children in the villages and sharing Jesus’ love with them through words and actions.


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