Open Forum

invite-mockup1For the past two months, staff members and students involved with Cru at Ohio State have been hosting the Open Forum: a place for non-believing students can come, discuss critical topics and share their own thoughts.

Aaron, the staff member who organized the Open Forum said, “We are asking four questions on campus, trying to understand where OSU students are coming from regarding their experience with religion and the religious…”

The four questions:
1.  When you think about people you would consider religious, what are two words that come to mind?
2.  Do you view religion as helpful or harmful to society?  Why?
3.  Does what you believe about God affect your life?  Are religious beliefs significant?
4.  If given the chance, would you see it as valuable to discuss questions that are rarely openly talked about, questions like “Does God exist?” and “Are all religions essentially the same?”
With forums taking place in 8 different dorms on campus, there has been plenty of opportunity for many different students to attend. During the forum, Christian students are not allowed to speak, only listen. Moderators ask probing questions to make sure people really understand what they are saying they believe. At one forum, a girl attended who said she was an atheist. However, through the course of conversation and the attendees questioning her logic, she eventually came to the conclusion that there really could be a God.
You can pray for the students who attended. Pray they will continue to move closer to a real relationship with God.

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