John and I first met ten years ago TODAY. Time sure does fly by, doesn’t it?! I must praise God for how he has worked and moved in our lives the last ten years. There have been many ups and downs, but it is special to be able to look back on that day ten years ago.

What was special about that day, even more than it just being the day we met, but where we were and what we were about to embark upon: We were on a Campus Crusade Summer Project. There were about 65 other students there and that summer was life changing for me, well, for both of us.

Summer Projects are designed to be life-changing for all the students that attend (in more ways than perhaps finding your future spouse). Every year some of the best and brightest of involved students are immersed into a greenhouse. A greenhouse of accelerated growth in Christ. It is a place that is safe, yet challenging. Full of grace and truth. Filled with like-minded individuals, all seeking to grow deeper. Students take steps of faith in sharing their faith, many sharing literally 100s of times with complete strangers. And many sharing with their closest family and friends. Students make big decisions on how they will live their lives from here on out. This greenhouse makes it all stick–walking with God becomes real and evident and amazing.

Summer projects are starting now! Pray for these students with us! 500 have gone from campuses in the Great Lakes Region (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois & Michigan) to 14 locations around the world. Many many more from other parts of the country attend as well. Pray for students as they share the gospel. Pray for those hearing the gospel. Pray for many to respond.

Thanks for making all this possible for us. With God, all things are possible!


One thought on “10

  1. Hey friends,

    Kristin, ten years-Congrats! I remember you first telling me about John and how my prayer life began to include him (my friends future husband-im not sure I have ever told you this). I love you guys and pray His abundant blessing on you….

    Love Lane

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