Video: John’s Story

Our church recently featured John in a video telling his cancer story.

Honestly, it is because of you–our supporters and prayer partners–that has allowed us to continue to minister in the midst of these trails.

If there’s one thing we are…

…it’s grateful.

Thanks for letting us be in your life. We don’t take for granted how much of a gift you really are.

It is an honor to serve God with Campus Crusade for Christ and I can’t thank you enough for the privilege.

We pray that God richly blesses you as we head into 2010.


6 thoughts on “Video: John’s Story

  1. Great video and testimony. We can never fully grasp what a gift life truly is until we realize how vulnerable we are. I too had an awakening and life has never been the same. I pray that God can use you and your story. Many times it is difficult to really understand or determine His will from ours, but or faith and confidence can allow Him to take control. He never told us to manage all this down here by ourselves, but to work with him. May you have the best Christmas ever!!

  2. Hey John, I am rejoicing that you beat the cancer. I lost my dad and my one of my sisters to cancer. My other sister has had cancer twice. I also lost my next door neighbor, my doctor(seriously!), my first friend here, and a dear friend from church to cancer, it’s been crazy. And there’s a chance cancer could be in my own future with my family background. But, one thing I know, Christ is stronger than cancer! Nothing can separate us from that truth! Your testimony and your willingness to share your honesty is a blessing. God will use your story to encourage others. You are a great encourager to me! You have so much to give to others and you are unique! I think you are awesome just the way you are. You are the best. And Kristin is such a blessing, too!

    1. Thanks Betsy! Cancer is something that connects us all, yet it is still something that is so often unspoken, even in church. Christ touches our lives in the same way–thankfully he is the one who heals us! We hope John’s testimony will be an encouragement to others.

  3. What an amazing testimony! I’ve been struggling with anger and fear and you said just what I needed to hear. Thank you, my friend!

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