I must say we had a wonderful Christmas! We are incredibly blessed with our family, friends, & supporters. Unfortunately, the day after Christmas, John fell. He was standing on a chair to open the heating vent in the ceiling. Stepping down, his bad leg couldn’t support him. The doctor said he fractured his foot. He is walking with crutches and wearing a stabilizing boot for 3 weeks. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the video, do take a few minutes. Even though John continues to be cancer free, this is a perfect example of the ongoing, day to day that is a part of his reality now.

After Christmas, our normal routine is to work at the IndyCC conference–our annual student conference in downtown Indianapolis. This year though, we ended up staying home to allow John the time to heal. It wasn’t how we planned to end December. Seeing God work in the lives of the 1800+ students who attend is always a privilege. However God had other plans for us. We were forced to rely on others and trust that God is at work without us–not the easy option!

While John is continuing to work at home, we are both constantly having to remind ourselves of God’s sovereignty in the midst of these circumstances. We appreciate your prayers for his bone to heal quickly.


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