Driving to Big Break

Road trip! John and I are joining up with students from throughout the mid-west for a spring break experience.

Many students do spring break with visions of vacation, no parents, the beach, drinking, and promiscuity.

But not us! And not the 1000 students joining with us–Big Break has a different purpose.

Big Break is a one-week mission experience that gathers over 3000 students from colleges and universities from all over the country in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Students will be spending the week growing in their walk with God, exploring biblical truths and learning how to talk to their friends about their faith. They plan to reach out to over 300,000 college students who are in Panama City Beach for Spring Break. Last year there were just over 1000 decisions for Christ. This is going to be a life changing experience for us and the other students & staff that attend this conference!

You can follow our adventures on Twiter and here on the blog. I am planning on posting pictures and stories throughout the week.

Join us in praying for real life change: in the lives of those we are sharing the gospel with AND in the lives of those sharing. Many students will be taught how to share the gospel, and then doing it, for the very first time! Pray they will share BOLDLY and CLEARLY!


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