Zach on the beach

I met a guy named Zach today. He was drinking on the beach with his buddies and was called over to meet Kelsie, a freshman from Grand Valley State University (in Grand Rapids, Mich) and me.

Perhaps I am getting a little ahead of myself.  It is day one here at Big Break. I am in Panama City Beach with 1100+ Christian students who are involved with Campus Crusade for Christ throughout the East Coast, South and Mid-west. Focusing on evangelism training, these 1100 students attending Big Break are just a drop in the bucket compared to the 50,000 college students who come to party their spring break away, just this week alone.

But we are all trusting God for big things this week! We are initiating conversations with students on the beach, asking them questions like, “What do you think happens after death?” or “Rate your desire to know God on a scale of 1-10.” Deep conversations happen right there on the beach.

Back to Kelsie and me. We were paired up to go sharing today. She was nervous and scared of initiating conversations with people. To be honest, so was I! We walked up to a guy and a girl who were sharing a drink. The girl walked away, but Brian was quite chatty.  We went through the 5-point questionnaire with him. He then called his friend Zach over and told him he needs to do the survey too! So we asked Zach the same 5 questions.

Zach poured out his life story to us. His dad had died of a heart attach when Zach was 16. He and his whole family questioned God and wondered Why? We listened to Zach and sympathized with his feelings. I read through a booklet explaining the gospel to him. At the end is a prayer. I read the prayer out loud, then asked, “Does this express the desire of your heart?” He said it does, but he hesitated. “What is holding you back?” “I just wish I could understand what God has for me and why he had to take my dad away.”

Zach is clearly on a path towards God. Pray for him! Pray he will re-read the booklet and that God’s word will penetrate his heart.

Also, pray for our students who will continue sharing the gospel all week long. I will be posting more of their stories later this week.


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