Quick update: Haiti Relief

I am sitting in the Big Break meeting right now. Today and tomorrow are some exciting days and I wanted to let you know so you can be praying.

Students here at the conference will be inviting students from the beach to join us in creating 1 million meals for Haiti relief.

Last week, 2100 meals were made by 80 Big Break students and thier beach friends. This week we are hoping for 200,000-300,000 meals. Each packet of food feeds 6 people.

The meals will be put on a container and shipped directly to Haiti. They will take the meals to churches so that churches are the means to distribute the food.

This outreach will allow the gospel to be shared twice. First with the students as the create the meal packs, second with the people they are distributed to.

Pray for hearts to be softened on both ends if this process.
You can follow a daily tally of how many meals are created over the next days and weeks on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/GainOnCampus Gainoncampus

Have you ever seen so much rice and beans?


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