Quick Gospel Shots, part 1

One of the highlights of Big Break is getting to see students attending Big Break line the stage and one after the other share quick stories of God moving in the lives of students they had shared with on the beach.

Here is a sample:

Two girls from Southern Illinois, Carbondale, accepted Christ on the beach and will be able to plug into a new ministry starting there in the fall.

A Big Break attendee went through a questionnaire (asking about spiritual things), then the Knowing God Personally booklet (KGP) with a girl sitting on the beach. A guy friend approached and also heard the KGP and they both prayed to receive Christ.

Down the beach at LaVela, self-described as the largest club in the USA, two guys met a student from Miami University in Ohio who declared himself a Christian Scientist. After going through the questionnaire, the students learned that he didn’t know if God loved him or what would happen if he died. He said he wanted to know God better but because of things he had done in his past, he couldn’t forgive himself. Our students challenged his entire view of God by saying, “You’re higher than Jesus because you can’t forgive yourself? Jesus is the one who died on the cross for your sins.” WOW! He totally got it and understood that Jesus was greater than he was.

Two Big Break students, Ely and Malia, started talking to a group of girls and were using a tool called Soularium, where you match photographs to help describe or illustrated where you are spiritually. The girls were having a really hard time transitioning to the gospel. Eli got so frustrated that she got up, left the conversation and simply walked away. After walking down the beach a little ways, God told her to go back. She ended up going through the KGP with one of the girls and she accepted Christ. Another one of the girls in the group had declared at the beginning of the conversation that she was an atheist but by the end of the conversation she was believing that there is a God!

Nate, a Big Break student, found a new testament on the beach! He picked it up, put it in his pocket and kept walking. He ended up sharing the gospel with a guy who became a Christian! Nate gave him the Bible.

Two Big Break students met Mohammed, who declared himself a Muslim. Half way through the conversation, he revealed that he is actually wrestling with Christianity and Islam because his mom is Christian, but dad is Muslim. Our students clearly presented the gospel to him and Mohammed said he is going to make a decision one way or the other in the next day or two. Pray for him!

Two Big Break guys are hesitant about approaching a girl on her own on the beach. We generally recommend that the guys talk to guys and girls talk to girls. However, they felt God prompting them to talk to her. She tells them just 5 minutes before they come up to her, she had been praying to God for help. They shared the gospel and she came to Christ!

God is doing amazing things on the beach here at Panama City. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this through your giving and prayers. God is using you in amazing ways! We hope this will encourage you in your faith and give you courage to speak boldly for Christ.


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