Quick Gospel Shots, part 2

Hearing these quick stories of God working on the beach is pretty amazing. Even though you can’t hear them, I hope they will encourage you in your faith!

Nate, a Big Break student, found a new testament on the beach! He picked it up, put it in his pocket and kept walking. He ended up sharing the gospel with a guy who became a Christian! Nate gave him the Bible.

Two Big Break students met Mohammed, who declared himself a Muslim. Half way through the conversation, he revealed that he is actually wrestling with Christianity and Islam because his mom is Christian, but dad is Muslim. Our students clearly presented the gospel to him and Mohammed said he is going to make a decision one way or the other in the next day or two. Pray for him!

Two Big Break guys are hesitant about approaching a girl on her own on the beach. We generally recommend that the guys talk to guys and girls talk to girls. However, they felt God prompting them to talk to her. She tells them just 5 minutes before they come up to her, she had been praying to God for help. They shared the gospel and she came to Christ!

Two of our Big Break guys find a sober guy on the beach. WOW, that’s a surprise! They start talking to him, share the KGP (Knowing God Personally booklet–a simple gospel outline) and say he was literally changing before their eyes. He wants to pray tonight and will come tomorrow for Haiti Relief.

A guy on the beach approached on of our student girls.  He says, “there’s gotta be something more to this life.” She replies, “There is! Let me tell you!” She went through the KGP, which contains scriptures and illustrations. At the same time, God was giving her additional verses to share she didn’t realize she even knew. She shared her testimony, and he understood that there is “no condemnation”—we have freedom in Christ! Then he accepted Christ!

Austin and Dan walk up to some guys on the beach and ask, “Can we talk to you about God for awhile?” They reply, “Yeah, me and my buddies have lots of questions. I want to know God more and I have lots of questions.” They went through the KGP and the prayer, and talked for a long time.

On of our Big Break guys sees two other guys on the beach with a soccer ball. Since he also likes soccer, there was an instant connection. They are from Germany and they talked for 20 minutes and one accepted Christ on his second day in America ever.

Two guys and two girls from Big Break end up talking to an atheist on the beach. He said he didn’t believe anything in the New Testament, but they shared their testimonies of how God has worked in their lives. He was really impressed with this and says he is going to be thinking more about God.

One guy of the Big Break guys was having a tough day. He was trying to ask people to do help make meals for Haiti relief, trying to talk to people, but was just having a tough time. He went to the hot tub to relax ended up talking for 2-3 hours with guys about deep theology, and had some great conversations!

Robert, talked to a guy who was Baptist. Robert asked, “So what do you believe?” The guy didn’t really know. “Well, let’s talk about it. I have this booklet that explains it.” After going through the booklet he was really understanding. He told a little of his story and said his dad just left, then his girlfriend broke up with him. It seemed like everyone who loved him has left. Robert told him “Jesus is always with you and loves you.” He had no idea. He said he couldn’t believe he came to PCB to realize that what he needed was already with him.

Two Big Break girls walked up to some girls on the beach and after talking to them for a bit went through the KGP. The girls had actually heard it before. Campus Crusade Summer projects students had shared with them at North Myrtle Beach last summer. When the Big Break girls shared, they accepted Christ. What a great example of someone planting seeds and another harvesting!

John had accepted Christ at Big Break last year. This year he is attending the conference and sharing his new faith. He has seen God use him and help him grow a lot in the past year and he saw someone accept Christ yesterday on his 1-year spiritual birthday!


One thought on “Quick Gospel Shots, part 2

  1. Hello! I found your site today and realized that we are co-laborers doing similar jobs in different regions. We just got placed at the MidSouth regional office on the Ops team after 8 years on campus. I was wondering if I could steal (borrow? make payments on?) the “Our Campus Ministry is structured into five main areas” portion of your “About Campus Crusade for Christ” page. I really like the wording and vision. Obviously I will tweak it a little, but I wanted to ask before I just stole it.

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