1 million meals

Another highlight of our week in Panama City was being on the ground floor of a special outreach. With the earthquake in Haiti devastating so many homes and lives, it seemed like an easy win to have the students attending the Big Break conference bring in people off the beach to help create meals to send to Haiti. Creating these meals created a double opportunity for the gospel–the first with college students on the beach getting a chance to do good and hear the gospel after helping out, the second with Haitians receiving the much needed food to help with their physical needs, and hearing the gospel to help with their spiritual needs.

The goal is to have 1 million meals packaged by the end of the 4th Big Break week. The day we were packing 156,816 meals were created. A total of 468,000 for the week. The week after us added to that for a total of 780,190 so far. One more week will easily surpass the 1 million. The boxes of food are loaded directly into a container and will be shipped to Haiti. Campus Crusade’s Global Aid Network is already there on the ground and will distribute the food via churches in Port Au Prince and in neighboring communities.

John stands amidst pallets of rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetable and chicken flavor fill a ballroom and are ready to be packaged.

120 Grand Valley State students don hair nets while get instructions for creating the meals.

Ingredients are funneled into bags.

About 11 tables fill the conference center lobby. They are surrounded by 12 students each who measure, fill, weigh, seal and pack the bags into boxes.

Bags are sealed and packed into boxes.

There’s Kristin, packing boxes!


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