Eric’s story

“You tried to prepare us, but I never thought it would be like this.” – a Cru student said about the extent of drinking, sex & partying at Panama City Beach during Spring Break.

SPRING BREAK!!! 125 Cru students from 2 West Michigan campuses traveled down to Panama City Beach, Florida for “Big Break”. Big Break is Campus Crusade for Christ’s outreach to the 300,000 Spring Breakers, and (in our opinion) the best evangelism training in the world. There’s no better place to equip someone for a lifetime of reaching others for Christ than the training and practice on the beaches of Florida. By the end of the week, the average Big Break attendee will have shared their faith 10 times. Overcoming fear. Stepping out in faith. Sharing the Good News of Christ dying on the cross for people so they can experience God personally.

Eric was one of those of the Cru students who joined this week-long experience. Here is his story:

FRIDAY Eric called himself a “Christian”. Because he grew up going to church and believing that God exists, he pointed his finger at others for their “bad
behavior” and called them “ungodly”. Of course, he didn’t find any hypocrisy in him going to parties and getting drunk, his obsessive concern for body image and working out, and constantly thinking about what others thought about him (read: huge pride). He came to Cru with his friends and went to PCB because he “didn’t have anything else going on that week”.

SATURDAY God made the long bus ride really uncomfortable for Eric. Others had a blast. Some whined about being on a bus for 22 hours. But Eric was miserable.

SUNDAY God started beating on his pride as he realized that he was scared to death to tell others about Jesus.

MONDAY God knocked down Eric’s emotional wall by having him share with the 5 other guys in his room that this was difficult for him and he couldn’t figure out why. He was beginning to realize he didn’t really trust God…

TUESDAY God captured Eric’s heart and mind when he was out sharing his faith with another guy, Brent. In front of Club LaVela—the largest Dance Club in the United States with room for over 5,000 on the dance floor (where MTV usually broadcasts from in PCB), Brent was sharing the “Knowing God Personally” booklet while Eric listened. On the mile-long walk back to the hotel, Eric told Brent that he finally realized that he didn’t have Christ in his life … and today he made a decision to surrender everything to Christ and begin a relationship with Him.

WEDNESDAY God used Eric and Rob to introduce a Spring Breaker from Connecticut to Christ. Immediately God works through Eric.

THURSDAY Everyone started to notice a change in Eric — how he talked and what he did… his whole attitude was different.

FRIDAY Eric told the whole group from West Michigan that he had accepted Christ. And everyone was amazed.

SATURDAY Eric went home a new man… because he now had Jesus in his life.


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