Working with a team is such a privilege. You work together, have fun together, help each other and challenge one another. For us in ministry, we get to walk with God together I am especially looking forward to working with the team for this new school year. I thought you would enjoy meeting them and see how they are trusting God this year.

Michelle, 2nd year graphic design intern: This year holds one of the biggest stepping out in faith choices I have ever had. After two years of interning with Campus Crusade, I have decided that my time working with this ministry is not finished and believe that the Lord is calling me to join staff. This decision has been a drawn out process over the past 6 months and its really just beginning as I apply, wait for acceptance, and then enter into support raising. There times when I am overwhelmed with the whole process and think maybe I should just go get a “normal” job, its got to be so much easier. I am reminded that we have not been called to an easy life but one that follows God wholly and completely.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the job I will have once I have joined staff and am fully supported. I can’t imagine doing anything else, but the process to get there is a huge step of faith. But I am excited to see the Lord work and expect to be challenged and stretched in ways I can’t even imagine.

Steve, 2nd year technology design and video production intern: Well, my role seems unpredictable. Since I am doing Video Production and Tech Design & Support, I never know where God is going to have me work more. Last year I assumed the main thing for me was going to be video production, however and I ended up doing a lot more tech support, and helping design some technical solutions. I think about how much easier the field staff members lives easier would be if new areas came to our attention where we or I could design technical solutions. I am also trusting God and hoping that as we move forward, we can leverage current technology to provide better remote technical support to more of our field staff. Finally, for the video projects I am currently working on, or may be working on this year, I am trusting God to help me communicate the story that he wants told, as we promote things like summer projects, or even just share with supporters through video, what God has been doing in and through the Great Lakes Region.

Lauren, 1st year graphic design intern: As I intern this year with Campus Crusade, my hope is that God will use me and the gifts He’s given me to touch the lives of students in the midwest. Using media as a way to draw people to the Lord is so important (and necessary) in our society and I’m excited to be able to do just that. I’ve been given the opportunity to combine my heart for design and my heart for the Lord in ministry … What a blessing! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store!

Ryan, full time web design staff: I am looking forward to continuing to develop interactive web tools for our staff and students. I still have a number of campuses that want to take advantage of the web designs I have created and are looking forward to using a web platform that they can maintain. I hope to focus on the development of more web applications like one we call Avocado. Avocado is like Facebook for the missionaries in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and will allow us to connect and do ministry better. I am also trusting the Lord for our financial support.

I am grateful for this team and being able to work with such wonderful people. Each year the team grows or shrinks and this year we are blessed with more people doing God’s work. Thank you for your part in making this happen.


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