Ohio, part 1

Thanks for praying with us! Fall is such a critical time in reaching students with the Gospel, and prayer is an important part of the ministry.

This week, we present a number of prayer requests for the campuses in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  We will share specific prayer requests given to us directly from the leaders of some campuses, others will simply be listed (pray for these in similar ways).

Ohio, part 1

University of Toledo

  • for our 48 student leaders to step up & lead like NEVER before
  • Life Groups start THIS week…follow up with over 1400 contacts.
  • we’re praying for 200 to come to Fall Retreat (definitely a BHAG but NOT impossible….especially with 48 student leaders ….)
  • for spiritual multiplication to just TAKE OFF…we have more “student to student” discipleship SETUP from the get-go this year with our leadership students than we ever have before….praying that discipleship in a sense would get “out of control!”
  • for UT students to gain a perspective that being involved in EVERY Christian group on campus just isn’t healthy. we have a chunk of Cru students who are also fairly connected with 1 other particular group

Schools throughout greater Cleveland

Bowling Green

  • We had an exciting start to the school year. All our opening events were were much better attended than usual and went really well. Please pray that these “not important” numbers pass into the numbers that really matter (Like involved new believers!) The real work is all ahead.
  • This year, we have a very gifted and diverse group of student leaders. There are hundreds of students who are involved with CRU on some level or another, but there are currently 51 who are committed to actively reaching the lost here at BGSU. We are praying that we will see one person come to Christ and walk with the Lord for each of the 51. So, our prayer is for 51 active and growing new believers in 2010-11.

Kent State University

  • Lots and lots and lots of new Freshmen to plug in-critical these first two weeks
  • Our freshman Bible studies that started last night-please pray that people will come back and bring friends
  • Upperclassmen to step up and lead

Ohio State

  • 100 conversions at OSU this year.
  • Solid FR class: 200 FR involved by the end of Winter Quarter
  • 100 go overseas this year between spring break trips and summer projects


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