Ohio, part 2

Thanks for praying with us! Fall is such a critical time in reaching students with the Gospel, and prayer is an important part of the ministry.

This week, we present a number of prayer requests for the campuses in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  We will share specific prayer requests given to us directly from the leaders of some campuses, others will simply be listed (pray for these in similar ways).

Ohio, part 2

Central Ohio

  • Our team is trusting the Lord for 40% of our involved students to be freshman by Fall Retreat.  So pray for us as we really go after reaching and involving new students…ie freshman
  • Pray for the health of our team:  emotionally and spiritually.  That we would be ready to reach out and guide our campuses.
  • We are very expectant and excited for the year! Started with a bang, Heidelberg had over 10% of the student body at their weekly meeting! Praise God!
  • You can pray obviously for openness to the gospel and for our student leaders and staff to walk in deep dependence on the Holy Spirit and His strength and power.


Well we are off to a great start. I always judge starts based on how well the men are doing since we always have women. And we have some really strong men who are going for it in the frosh dorms.   We have had about 2,200 surveys this past week.
prayer requests:

  • Pray for our students as they start up Bible Studies in the dorms. Pray that they think about having a personal ministry and not just lead a Bible Study.
  • Pray for recruiting for our fall retreat.  It is the last week of September.  Very soon.
  • Pray for our staff team that we would walk with Jesus.
  • Pray for our interns and new staff that they would adjust to being in campus.
  • Pray for our student leaders. That they would lead from a love relationship with God.
  • Pray that we would see “Saul to Paul” conversions in the Greek system, within athletes, grad students professors, high school students, international students.
  • Pray for our two focuses this year- increase dependence on Prayer and every student and connect the dots to the mission and to what is on God’s heart.
  • pray that God will protect the seeds of the gospel and interest that has been indicated so far!
  • Also, we have 100’s of  surveys of interested freshmen….the students are gathering freshmen into bible studies, while we try to meet one-on-one with them, also.  Pray for the interest to remain…for us to get to them quickly and share the gospel clearly!

Ohio University

Please pray for the staff and student leaders at OU as we move in the freshmen this weekend and kick off the year next week – that the Lord would be our first love and that we would be motivated to serve Him because of what He has done for us.  Please pray for the incoming freshmen and that we would be able to connect with them even though the university will not allow us to set up a table to do questionnaires in the biggest dining hall on campus this year, etc.


  • NKU – we’ve started and seen about 30 at our meetings; pray students are connected and that we see MEN rise up at NKU; praise for Shannon who accepted Christ last week; pray for his growth in his new walk with Christ
  • UC – we will be launching UC in a few weeks; pray for student leaders and other involved students to be involved and be excited about Jesus – and that it would overflow into all they do
  • Wilmington – pray for wisdom for Josh (staff) as he coaches our 2 leaders; pray students would be connected to Cru and encounter Christ

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