Thanks for praying with us! Fall is such a critical time in reaching students with the Gospel, and prayer is an important part of the ministry.

This week, we present a number of prayer requests for the campuses in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  We will share specific prayer requests given to us directly from the leaders of some campuses, others will simply be listed (pray for these in similar ways).

Michigan State University

  • It has been a good start so far. We have the largest dorm system in the US so we are doing surveys all week!  Pray that we can get surveys in Brody (2k freshmen). Pray for our first meeting Thursday at 7:30. Pray for open hearts. Pray for non believers to feel welcome and challenged by the truth. Pray for me as I speak. Pray that 500 students would somehow find us. Pray for our rootbeer kegger on Friday. It is a key social/outreach event. Also on Thursday we have our bridges meeting.
  • Please pray for all our new leaders.  That they would not be overwhelmed.  That they would walk with God and that they would have the focus of reaching others with the Gospel.  (some are sophomores and sometimes they can feel under the pile quickly)

Schools in the Upper Peninsula

  • Pray for Boldness in talking to students about Christ.
  • Pray for our training and mentoring of the student leaders.
  • Pray for energy, as we run with students.
  • Pray for our efforts in reaching new students.
  • Fall Retreat w/ Todd Pastor 9-24 thru 9-26
  • Thank God for a Great connection with LSSU students last week.

West Michigan


  • For our legal battle with our website, and more so for the person in the Office of Student Life who simply doesn’t like us.
  • For our student leaders, that they would “get it” about the Gospel and the Vision and we’d figure out the best way to equip/train them
  • For our ability to capture freshmen.  Due to scheduling and the way the calendar falls, it’s gonna be a “slow start” to the year.


  • To gather freshmen, to gather freshmen, to gather 40 freshmen.
  • To pray for our team, that they would have energy and stamina over the next several weeks

Schools in Mid-Michigan

Schools in Detroit

  • Please pray for us to have at least four freshmen bible studies at LTU, WSU, OU, and two at UDM and Schoolcraft.
  • Please pray for our women’s side to be cared for as we only have krista and a volunteer on campus. Pray for Becky to volunteer with us.
  • Pray for us to see 30 plus students trust Christ this year.
  • Please pray for permission to do what we’re doing on all the campuses as we’re still getting organzied.
  • Pray for our young staff team (and for us for patience and love as we train them).
  • Please pray that we would have 70 students at Fall Retreat.

University of Michigan

  • Thursday will be a great day to pray for UM because it’s our first gathering with the students and our first big weekly meeting.  Please pray for that meeting and for our big survey day that occurs next Tuesday.

Eastern Michigan


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