Thanks for praying with us! Fall is such a critical time in reaching students with the Gospel, and prayer is an important part of the ministry.

This week, we present a number of prayer requests for the campuses in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  We will share specific prayer requests given to us directly from the leaders of some campuses, others will simply be listed (pray for these in similar ways).

Indiana University


  • We had to have our “Check out CRU” outside this year b/c the lecture hall we normally use was not available.  It was a huge hit!  Probably about 500 attended.  I think we may plan to keep it outside next year.  Great atmosphere.
  • 90 students attended our welcome back retreat (one day event) – great momentum for the year.  43 went out that evening chalking on campus to get the word out.
  • Bridges is really taking off.  We have a huge influx of undergraduates from China.  Also many Indian students.
  • Germany Summer Project – 5 staff and 5 students from Germany have joined us in ministry these two weeks.  They have been a huge blessing.


  • That our first CRU meeting this week goes well.  Friday night (normally Thursday, but home football game).
  • Pray for follow up of questionnaires.  I think we had about 3000 filled out.
  • Pray to launch more contextualized ministries – basketball team, music school, theater department are some definite and hopefully many more
  • Please pray for our staff and student leaders as we are very tired from the first 2 weeks of Autumn Reach Out.  Pray we would be tired IN IT, but not tired OF IT.
  • Pray for divine appointments with freshmen and upperclassmen as we follow up questionnaires.  Pray God would lead people to cross the line of faith and give their lives to Him.
  • Pray (all year you can pray this) that God would call some of our students to intern with us next year.  Pray also for God to call women in particular to join our staff team.  We deeply desire for God to call more laborers to run with us.

Indiana Cru

  • You can pray that God pours out His Spirit on the campuses where we are working and that we would see many students surrender their lives to Christ.  We are seeing soft hearts, but we are praying that we would begin to see repentance and surrender.  God is definitely at work.  Pray that He would continue what He is already doing.
  • Things are up and running with our campuses.  You can pray specifically as we are following back up with surveys from block parties and dinner lines.
  • Pray for great opportunities to share the gospel with international students at IUPUI through conversation club and as we meet to study the Word together.

Purdue University

  • We seem to be having an awesome freshman class….. had around 180 freshmen out to a freshman picnic last week… our largest freshman picnic ever.
  • Please pray for our 30 second surveys in the 5 Food Courts next Tues. and Wed.   We long for great contacts that are spiritually hungry!

Ball State University


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