Thanks for praying with us! With fall being such a critical time in reaching students with the Gospel, prayer is an important part of the ministry that God has privileged us with.

This week, we will present a number of prayer requests for the campuses in Michigan Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  We will share some specific prayer requests given to us directly from the leaders on those campuses, others will simply be listed. But you can pray for these in similar ways.



  • Our team(s) as we transition our structure.  We now have 4 geographic sub-teams (North, Loop, South and West) along with Bridges (International Students) and SALT (students from India).  They have allocated themselves on campuses in their scopes and are finalizing their strategic plans for their team this week.  It is definitely a stretch for the newer staff on our team to learn how to function more like campus directors than new staff.
  • We have a training coming up on Sep 11th called “School of Multiplication” at our office.  Pray for students to come to be trained in walking, communicating and multiplying their faith.
  • This week we are trying to re-launch our movement at Benedictine University.

Northern Illinois

  • We need men to lead at NIU.  Currently have only 1 staff guy and 2 student leaders.


Schools in Central Illinois


University of Illinois


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