designing to change lives

In October’s snail-mail newsletter, I shared about a brochure promoting a dorm where students of all backgrounds and beliefs can investigate the big questions of life, specifically spiritual questions, in a safe community. This one brochure is just a taste of some of the projects God has brought to the team to create.

Here are some other projects the ZeroCanvas team has created and how they are impacting the Kingdom of God.

“Suffering with a God of Love” was an outreach at the University of Michigan this fall. The outreach was set up as a forum where participants would ponder the contexts in which suffering is transformed, how insights about suffering can be used and to discover what prevents us from deeply exploring our mutual fate. Designed by Lauren Bailey.

“Wildwood Beach Summer Project” combines the fun of the beach boardwalk with the impact of students spending 10 weeks sharing their faith in Jesus with co-workers, tourists and students from around the world.  Designed by Kristin Madeja.

“The Heart of God” was created for Miami University in Ohio. Each semester, the 600+ student movement goes through a theme topic. This 8 foot tall banner is displayed at their weekly meeting bringing focus to the attributes of God. Designed by Michelle Carlson.






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