IndyCC 2010

IndyCC is a cornerstone of our ministry reaching college students. The 4-day conference draws students from throughout the midwest to worship God, hear from his word and be challenged. Have you realized the critical role you play in this conference?

Here’s the best part of what you and I did together: we created an environment where students could hear from God. By freeing up the students from preventable distractions, we created space where they could listen for God’s voice in the talks, in their personal Bible reading times, in conversations with their mentors, and during the day of outreach.

I wish you could have been beside me as I walked passed the students worshiping during the main sessions. You couldn’t help but smile, knowing that it was here (and in a small way, because of our work) that they were meeting with God.

I am constantly amazed when I hear the stories of how God is changing their lives. This is a place where students dedicate their lives to God, make significant changes in lifestyle, break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, commit to being full-time missionaries and see what it means to live for Christ!

Even though you weren’t there, I hope this video gives you a taste of what you are a part of!


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